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V Shaped Seals & Gaskets

We manufacture & supply custom extruded rubber products.

V shaped Seals & Gaskets

Our V Shaped Seal Gaskets is capable to scope hydraulic oil cylinders of metallurgical, mines & general equipment. V Shaped Seal Gaskets compress to completely fill gaps around doors and windows, sealing out drafts, dust and water. Our V Shaped Seal Gaskets also have such capabilities to perform robust and flourishing in dry running applications as well as efficient protective against dry and wet contamination. They are also central seals for shafts and bearings.


  • Resists to water, sound, fire
  • Flexible and resilience
  • Anti-Radiation
  • Long service life
  • Excellent to resists High temperature, Ozone and chemical
  • Outstanding and magnificent weather shield
  • Absolute protective for gearboxes, electric motors and drives
  • Ease to install with very little dis-assembly


V Shaped Seal Gaskets are provided in standard export packaging as well as in packaging according to customer requirements with Plastic bags inside, Carton Boxes outside.

Commonly use

  • Used in sealing of piston and piston rod in reciprocating exceeding high pressure hydraulic oil cylinder.
  • Pipes, Valves, Pumps.
  • Used in Agricultural and Automotive Applications.
  • Also used in Application industries such as Thermal Exchanges, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Nuclear Energy.

 For more use and Application

Please contact us with your details. We will help you to explore more ways to utilize our products for your special purpose.

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