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J Shaped Silicone Seals

We manufacture & supply custom extruded rubber products.

J shaped Silicone Seals

Silicone Concept Inc. manufacture custom sized extruded silicone rubber with J shape Seal and Gaskets. The quality of the rubber is never compromised and we provide best quality of seals.

J shaped Seals Description

  • we have more then thousands of different types of seals like thin wall J shape, Thick wall J shapes, Flat J shapes and curved J shapes
  • All products are manufactured in very clean environment
  • Our technology takes care that you receive products with lowest tolerance


J shaped silicone Seals are provided in standard export packaging as well as in packaging according to customer requirements with Plastic bags inside, carton boxes outside.

For more use and Application

Please contact us with your details. We will help you to explore more ways to utilize our products for your special purpose.

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