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Bulb Seals & Gaskets

We manufacture & supply custom extruded rubber products.

Bulb Seals & Gaskets

Silicone Concept Inc. offer's wide range of high-quality bulb seals, door seals, bulb gaskets, weather-stripping, window rubber and shower seals for domestic and industrial use. We are experienced in manufacturing extruded silicone rubber products. We manufacture bulb seals from many different silicone compounds with different properties. Based on your application, we are capable of manufacturing bulb seals for low temperature and high temperature use; we are also able to modify silicone for chemically stable material so you can use it with other chemicals without any damage to it.

Bulb Seal and Gaskets Description

  • We are prepared and capable of manufacture according to your design and requirements.
  • In-house mixing and machining process helps us maintain a quality standard and speed up the manufacturing process and delivery process.
  • We offer you quality support and help to decide which bulb seal, gasket, door seal or weather-stripping is good for your unique applications.


  • Our product is Non-Leaching, Nontoxic & Pyrogen free
  • Our optimum pricing module makes us an industry leader in bulb seal manufacturing.
  • All products are manufactured in a very clean environment using FDA approved Silicone Rubber.

For more use and application

Please contact us with your details. We will help you to explore more ways to utilize our products for your special purpose.

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