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E Shaped Seals & Gaskets

We manufacture & supply custom extruded rubber products.

E Shaped Seal & Gaskets

Silicone Concept Inc. manufacture standard and custom size extruded silicone rubber with E-Shape Seal and Gaskets Extrusions. We are manufacturer and supplier of extruded silicone rubber products. Here are some of E shaped silicone extrusions we manufacture. We have design custom manufacturing facility and hence we accept every custom designs. E-shaped seal seems to be “e”shape and made from silicone rubber, which are mostly used in cold-storage door, including single e profile and double e profile.

E Shaped Seal & Gaskets Description

  • We have more than thousands of different types of tooling that are available for all types of E-channel, E shapes, E-Seal Silicone Rubber Extrusions
  • Our products nontoxic and Pyrogen free
  • All products are manufactured in a very clean environment using FDA approved silicone rubber
  • We are capable to extruded large size of E-channel

Our Extruded silicone rubber E-Channel Seal & Gaskets can be used in below industrial applications

  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Water Purification Gasket
  • Oven Gaskets
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Medical Equipment Tubing
  • Glass Industries
  • Aerospace Industries
  • Manway Gasket

For more use and Application

Please contact us with your details. We will help you to explore more ways to utilize our products for your special purpose.

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