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H Shaped Silicone Gaskets

We manufacture & supply custom extruded rubber products.

H Shape Silicone Gasket

We are leading in manufacturing the durable, effective and highly qualified H Shaped Silicone Gasket at affordable, competitive prices. They are High quality dense rubber seal, for a variety of uses and Available in multiple lengths.

H shaped Silicone Gaskets Description and their Features

  • Heat Insulator
  • Sound Insulator
  • Excellent to resists against chemicals, sound, water, light, fungal, growth, weather, aging, corrosion, ozone, oxygen, dust, droughts, smoke and even insects.
  • Versatile and flexible
  • Long serving life
  • Shock-proof
  • Able to work in very wide temperature range (-65°F to +400 °F)
  • Able to develop as per the drawing, sample or base material

Common Use

  • To provide the best grips and seal to the window Glasses and Aluminum window channels
  • Commonly used in various Application industries such as Rail, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, civil engineering.
  • Also used for food & Dairy industry as well as for Oven & Appliances

For more use and Applications

Please contact us with your details. We will help you to explore more ways to utilize our products for your special purpose.

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